Another drawing from the Eeveelution collection I have 🤎🔥⚡️💧☀️🌙🍃❄️💖!! Today is Vaporeon’s turn, the water type eeveelution~ 💧 You can see more in the gallery, and I’ll keep uploading the collection soon :D!! I hope you like it♥!!

Luffy Wanted Poster

Today it’s the start of the great adventure across the seas with the new One Piece drawing collection I’ve been working into :D!! The first one in joining the crew is our cheerful “nakama”, Luffy :D!! I hope you like it ^w^~!!

Hatsune Miku Chibi

Here one of the new designs I teased some time ago, a lil chibi Miku ready to sing :D!! I hope you like it 😄🎶!! 

Mona Megistus

The stellar Mona Megistus joins the Genshin drawing collection I have to shine like a star 🤩!! I really like her 🥰~

Vampire Neuvillette

Hi, hi!! This year, the elegant Monsieur Neuvillette wishes you a happy [and spookily-funny 👻] Halloween 🦇💧♦️!!! Seems like he has found something to drink that he likes more than water 😨???

Inosuke Hashibira Boar

Another chibi of the Kimetsu no Yaiba chibi collection!! As it should be, it is boar Inosuke!! You can see more characters in the gallery!!


A drawing of an original character based on an Amabie, a yokai which appears from the sea and offers protection to people affected by epidemics if you show a picture of it to them


A drawing of the last collection I made about the Eeveelutions!! As it should be, the first one to be uploaded is the one and only Eevee!!

Splatoon Marina Chaos-Style

I had this idea since the beginning as their designs have a lot in common with Palkia and Dialga and then the story gave me more reasons!

Mario+Rabbids Rosalina

In Sparks of Hope, a mysterious ghost rabbid (later presented as «Midnite») appeared and reminded me A LOT to Rosalina ✨. I loved the aesthetic of that rabbid (and I love Rosalina) so my first thought was “What if Rosalina?”

Daylight Fairy

Here I upload an original design of a diurnal-sky fairy!!

Neuvillette rain doodle

I am so busy but I really wanted to at least make a quick doodle of him, the mighty otter-dragon Neuvillete (?) ;v;~