A new Eeveelution joins the drawing collection I have 🤎🔥⚡️💧☀️🌙🍃❄️💖!! Today is Flareon’s turn, the fire eeveelution~ 🔥

Zoro Wanted Poster

It looks like Zoro ⚔️ has finally arrived to the One Piece drawing collection I have after getting slightly lost around XD!! You can see more drawings of this collection in my gallery and more will soon join ^w^!!

Splatoon Neuvillette

Today’s drawing has to do with the drawing I uploaded around three weeks ago, that one of the meme in which I drew Neuvillette and Marina. When drawing it, the thought of Neuvi as a Splatoon creature crossed my mind and well, you know me, I had to draw it XD!!


Manaphy refreshes the Legendary Pokemon collection with its presence 🩵!! You can see many other Pokémon from this collection in the gallery 🥰!!

Zhongli’s back

I dreamt some time ago about Zhongli having an outfit with open back and I liked it so A LOT, so I HAD to draw it 🐉🔸!!

Chopper Wanted Poster

“Boku wa doctor Tony Tony Chopper” 🎶! Today the supa-cute Chopper arrives to join the One Piece collection 🦌🎩!! You can see the Luffy wanted poster in the gallery, and new “nakamas” will keep arriving to join this collection, I hope you’ll like them ^w^~!!

Neuvillette – Marina | Meme

Today I upload a dood that has been sitting in my folders during quite a while, but better late than never… right ;v;? Honestly, I really wanted to upload it because I think it looks very good! Here is my version of that meme that went around that consisted in drawing two of your comfort characters enacting the “I think we’re gonna have to _ this guy” thing. I was doubting if choosing OCs or fandom characters, and I finally went for fandom charas as I really fancied drawing these two together because I love them and it looked funny in my mind, so here you can see the Neuvillette (Genshin) and Marina (Splatoon) in my version ^w^! I hope you like it :D!!

Gyomei Himejima Bear

A new drawing of the Kimetsu no Yaiba collection appears! Today, the rock Hashira, Gyomei 🪨!! I felt that a bear would be the most fitting animal for him 🐻!



Today I upload a drawing I am super proud of because I really like how it looks, a drawing of the Little Mermaid, Ariel 🧜🏻‍♀️🦀🐠!! I tried new things in this drawing and I think it was a success, I hope you like it ^w^~💙!!


jolteon drawing

Another drawing from the Eeveelution collection I have 🤎🔥⚡️💧☀️🌙🍃❄️💖!! Jolteon arrives today, the electric type eeveelution~ ⚡️

Dragon – 2024 Lunar Year

Happy new year 🎉🐉!! I wanted to draw something to greet the next year, more because, it’s the year of the dragon and I really love dragons 😤!!